What is Agile?

Today, with the advancement of technology and rapid changes in the business environment, many companies are turning to Agile practices for ideas to innovate, reduce the cost of change and increase customers and development teams engagement. It is more commonly known nowadays that companies deliver incremental and iterative changes on an ongoing basis, in contrast to months or years in between releases. This is one of the abilities you can gain a competitive advantage by competing on change.

Agile is a manifesto containing four values and twelve principles describing software development approaches that are based on trust and respect each other, promote quicker feedback and technical excellence.

17 software development visionaries authored the Agile Manifesto in 2001 at Snowbird, Utah. Representatives from lightweight practices like eXtreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM, etc. convened this meeting to find common grounds among their methods. Being thought leaders of that time, and some of them continued to be highly influential. These leaders include Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Robert C. Martin and Ken Schwaber.



Why you should attend the conference

Here are 5 reasons why you should come to Agile Indonesia 2017

1) Speak directly to authors and creators
Many of the speakers are practitioners and thought leaders that influenced how we work today. Reach out to the speakers and get answers to those burning questions in your head.

2) Connect with peers
This conference attracts people who are serious in learning to improve their software/product development practices. Feel the strong support with like-minded people and grow your wisdom from learning from the best.

3) Improve outcomes
Agile is relatively new to Indonesia. We have invited people who have moved organizations to Agile, so you can learn how Agile can help improve your outcomes.  The diversity of the topics brings a more holistic picture of product/software development and increases the chance of you being able to apply new ideas to your current challenges.

4) Get inspired
Product/Software development is highly demanding work. Our speakers and attendees go through the same pain and share how to do things better. Revive your energy and bring back the enthusiasm to your team! Get fresh ideas, learn about new methods and frameworks.

5) Attend a world-class conference
You wanted but couldn’t attend some of the big conferences in Singapore, India, Thailand and beyond. We’ve put together a world class program so now is your chance to learn from the best!

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