We know that PMBOK 7th edition is coming and this is what we know so far:

Expected to publish it in Q4 2020.

Based on the discussion and PMI comment on LinkedIn, we learn that PMI expects the PMO 7th edition will be published in Q4 2020 while the review process of the PMBOK 7th edition draft will start in the middle of January 2020.


Principle-based, instead of Process-based

PMBOK 6th edition and all previous edition is a Process-based standard. While this is effective in supporting good practices, however by nature, it is prescriptive. This approach makes it prone to misunderstanding, such as that a Project needs to perform the whole process in PMBOK. The process-based approach also cannot rapidly evolve with the profession.  

A principle-based standard PMBOK will reflect effective management of projects based on predictive, agile, hybrid, or other emerging practices. It will be built around a set of statements that capture the generally accepted objectives and underlying concepts for the practice of project management.

PMP Exam loosely based on PMBOK

Many people assume that the PMP exam is based on the PMBOK, even though PMI already states that PMBOK is not the only reference for the PMP exam. Now, PMI re-iterate that professionals who are preparing to sit on the PMP exam to lean on other resources as well. 

What do you think of these changes? With these changes, will PMBOK still relevant to the current practice of project management?

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